Last week’s Four Barrel boar heist was caught on video, and it’s quite a scary scene. Folks waiting on line don’t notice the masked bandits until someone mutters “what’s going on?” It gets exciting when barista Justin Teisl grabs the boar just as the thieves are about to escape, wrestling one of the masked bandits to the ground. It’s a whole thing.

Turns out, the heist was largely a hoax, except the staff working that afternoon at Four Barrel were not in on the joke. According to Four Barrel owner Jeremy Tooker, the boar was offered to Sean McGee, owner of nearby Mission District haunt Amnesia, as a donation for some pre-school auction or something a couple of months back. McGee and Co. thought it would be a fun idea to take the boar by staging a heist. Little did they know, the baristas at Four Barrel are a bunch of rough customers, certainly not the kind to let that shit go down without a fight.

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McGee chipped his tooth but no one else was (seriously) injured, except for Mr. Teisl, who suffered some pretty serious cuts:

The boar went on to fetch $500 at the charity auction.

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