We’re excited today to announce a new partnership with Xero, makers of beautiful accounting software for small businesses worldwide. Xero’s teamed up with Sprudge for a series of video interviews with some of the brightest minds in specialty coffee, talking about what makes their businesses thrive.

The first video features Al Keating, CEO of Coffee Supreme and a lifelong coffee professional. From his Re;co Symposium speech to his work with Supreme in New Zealand and Australia, Keating has established himself as one of the coffee industry’s unique voices for the merits of hospitality, which he defines as “generosity paying attention”.


Each month we’ll be bringing you a new video from Xero, interviewing coffee business leaders worldwide. Up next is an interview with Square Mile Coffee co-founder James Hoffmann.

Xero specializes in time-saving tools for small business owners, from invoicing to inventory to payroll—the behind the scene’s stuff that keeps your favorite coffee bars chugging along, and in turn, keeps you happy and caffeinated. For us, this is one more example of how well coffee plays with others, from tech to art, music to food, cocktails to collaborative co-working (sometimes all at once).

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To learn more about why Xero is focused on coffee businesses, Sprudge co-founder Jordan Michelman spoke with Xero CMO (and confirmed massive coffee head) Andy Lark.

Sprudge: To put it simply, why does Xero care about coffee?

Andy Lark: Tens of thousands of small businesses are built off a passion for coffee, and that’s a passion we share. Throughout our offices, learning to make great coffee is one of the first things you’ll be trained on. We have a huge passion for helping owners pursue their passion.

What makes these kinds of businesses feel so special and passionate?

They are largely run by owners who are driving their businesses with real purpose. They are there to introduce their communities to their experience of coffee. It’s about more than the beans. It’s intensely local and global at the same time.

Coffee’s always about the moment—a place, an atmosphere, a flavour. But each bean connects you with global supply chains and big ethical choices. It’s one of the few businesses where an individual store owner, roaster or grower can have an impact on the world stage without losing their identity.

And what’s Xero’s role in helping these businesses thrive?

We provide beautiful software that enables them to run their business simply and easily – that gives them the time to focus on what matters most to them. So many roasters and owners struggle with the business of being in business. We remove that struggle.

Read more from Xero’s video feature on Al Keating here.

Sprudge.com is proudly partnered with Xero

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