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Some exciting news today, as we are thrilled to announce Sprudge Media Network’s growing series of coffee guides are now available in Apple Maps. With iOS 14, Apple Maps introduced Guides, a feature that makes it easy to discover must-see city attractions. Sprudge’s Guides for Apple Maps are now available directly through the Maps app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac in many cities, including Toronto, Phoenix, Columbus, Buffalo, Washington DC, Milwaukee, Hanoi, Canberra, and Helsinki, with many more to come. You can save Guides so you can easily get back to them later. And they automatically update when new places are added, so you always have the latest recommendations.

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Being one of the trusted brands bringing curated Guides to Apple Maps directly feeds back into our decade-long editorial purview, assembling an unrivaled collection of city and neighborhood coffee guides to places large and small all over this beautiful earth. In 2020 we took a huge step forward with our maps program by introducing Sprudge Maps, a user-generated database of coffee shops all around the world. Free to use and managed directly by cafe owners, Sprudge Maps updates help inform our mapping work on Sprudge and now, in Apple Maps. You can register your cafe today free of charge at ​

Providing a city map for coffee is actually a really meaningful thing! It is a glimpse into a city’s coffee scene, and from there, its very soul. There are real proprietors and professionals behind each of these locations, and our goal is to do this justice by providing map content that feels editorial, considered, and beautiful. We take this work seriously, and we are committed to delivering high quality, relevant content to Apple users looking to explore the world around them. It’s been a lot of fun to work on so far and we’re just getting started.

Find us now on Apple Maps and make sure to check out the CarPlay features, which are a lot of fun. ​Our complete and growing collection of Guides are available directly here.

We want to briefly say thank you to our network of partners, without whom this work would be impossible. Your trust means the world to us and we’re excited to share this good news with you today. Thank you.

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