Earlier this year we brought you the first installment of a new video series from our friends and partners at KitchenAid USA, themed around the growing trend of great coffee at home. That video featured the one and only Tyler Wells, a co-founder at Handsome Coffee who has gone on to consult on some of LA’s most high-profile coffee projects in recent years, as well as founding Blacktop Coffee in the LA Arts District.

Today we have a new video to share in partnership with KitchenAid, featuring Mark Dundon, a co-founder at Paramount Coffee Project and one of his generation’s most influential Australian coffee entrepreneurs. Paramount Coffee Project’s Fairfax location won a 2016 Sprudgie Award for Best New Cafe and has rightly been lauded for its approach to interior design, ambitious multi-continent multi-roaster coffee program, and truly righteous breakfast and lunch service.

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Wells and Dundon have a bit of a sit and chat over coffee from Andy Sprenger’s Sweet Bloom Coffee of Littleton, Colorado while discussing the movement for drinking good coffee at home. They are aided in their brewing by the KitchenAid Precision Press Coffee Maker, a French press style brewer that features a built-in scale and timer for honing your brew parameters. “I want people to go home and do something delicious,” Dundon tells Wells, “on the bench top in two minutes. And the best thing about doing stuff at home is that you get to explore a whole lot of different things.”

That, and you can brew in your underpants.


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