Welcome to the winners announcement for the 7th Annual Sprudgie Awards, honoring the best in coffee.

Nominees for each category were chosen by public ballot, with input from our editorial team in the form of an “Editor’s Pick” for each field. Public voting for the Sprudgies took place over several weeks in December 2015, with the ballot box closing at 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 3rd. The winners below represent the unbridled will of the people, and the voice of you, our readers, who represent the largest, most educated and dedicated group of coffee enjoyers on the planet.

Thanks to the thousands and thousands of voters who helped make this Sprudgies year such a success. Congratulations to the entire field—to us, every single 2015 finalist was a winner.

Notable Roaster – Heart Coffee Roasters, Portland, Oregon


Runner-up: Five Elephant Coffee, Berlin

Best New Cafe – Paramount Coffee Project, Los Angeles

Photo by Mackenzie Champlin for Sprudge.
Photo by Mackenzie Champlin for Sprudge.

Runner-up: Playground Coffee, Hamburg

Best New Product – Acaia Lunar scale


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Runner-up: La Marzocco Linea Mini

Best Coffee Writing – Matt Perger, Barista Hustle


Runner-up: James Hoffmann,

Best Magazine – Barista Magazine


Runner-up: Standart Magazine / Drift Magazine [tied] 

Best Subscription – Blue Bottle Coffee


Runner-up: Mistobox

Best Coffee Video / Film – Barista


Runner-up: Caffeinated

Notable Producer – Tim Wendelboe & Elias Roa, Finca Tamana and Finca El Suelo, Colombia


Runner-up: Wilford Lamastus, Elida Estate + Lamastus Family Estates, Panama

Nicest Package – Five Elephant, Berlin


Runner-up: Parlor Coffee, Brooklyn

Outstanding Achievement In The Field of Excellence – Third Wave Wichteln: Founders Markus Reuter, André Krüger, and Thorsten Keller


Runner-up: Joe Marrocco, Cafe Imports

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