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A bit of breaking news in the ever-exciting world of coffee technology, as our partners at La Marzocco have unveiled the newest edition in their growing suite of high-end products for the modern coffee bar. First teased at HOST 2019, today is the official drop date for Wally Milk, an automatic milk steamer that can be connected to all La Marzocco and Modbar espresso machines (as well as many other commercial espresso machines). Wally Milk “makes it easy for anyone to steam milk with no waste and minimal training,” as per the official launch materials, and is programmable with up to 20 presets, allowing users to move effortlessly between styles of milks (both dairy and non), as well as precise temperatures and desired levels of aeration.

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Built around a Pro Touch Steam Wand with exclusive Vortex steam tip, Wally offers an easy to use digital display, 24V electronics for reliability and easy diagnostics, as well as an infrared sensor, proximity sensor, and a tilting platform, which allows Wally Milk to replicate the tilting movements of a barista. “Wally Milk provides steamed milk of the highest quality,” writes La Marzocco, “while leaving the barista the possibility to focus on what matters the most: the customer.” Me personally, I like that the display panel looks like a little robot guy.

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Wally Milk rolls out today with its very own Instagram and official website, as well as a unique brand identity within the wider world of La Marzocco. The Instagram features original comic art by Italian illustrator @guarnaboy and the brand’s midcentury aesthetic evokes Italian futurism of the 1960s and 70s.

Many more details on the product, including contact information for inquiries, can be found on the official Wally Milk website. And while we can’t say too much, Wally Milk is but the first product from the newly created Wally brand within the La Marzocco brand family. Coffee lovers will be hearing more about future Wally products in the months and years to come.

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