Amaro and coffee lovers rejoice. In August, Kansas City based Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters and distiller J. Rieger & Co. debuted Caffé Amaro, a new coffee-forward take on the European amaro tradition. The collaboration marks, according to the two brands, the very first beverage of its kind: a marriage in a bottle between bittersweet liqueur and Thou Mayest cold brew.

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And what a bottle! Designed by Sprudge contributor Charlie Burt for Liquid 9, this exquisite branding is a work of art.

As told to Sprudge by Bo Nelson.

When did this product debut?

We launched the product on Thursday, August 25th.

Who designed the package?

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The original illustration and design are by Charlie Burt for Liquid 9 in KCMO.


Please describe the look of the bottle in your own words.

From the designer: “When coming up with a label design for Caffe Amaro, it was important to evoke a sense of timelessness between the clean and bold type/graphics and the organic botanical illustrations. We used the graphic Italian word, “Caffe”, as it felt like a natural tie-in between classic Italian espresso and Italian Amari. The illustrations include the prominent coffee cherries and blossoms as well as vanilla bean, orange peel, and cardamom pods, some of the ingredients in Caffe Amaro.”

Since its launch in August, how has it been received?

We are all excited to see how people use this product. It has a lot of capabilities by itself, within cocktails, or as an adventuresome culinary ingredient and we have already seen chefs use it for ice cream and doughnut glaze and Andre’s Chocolates uses as a filler for one of their chocolates.


Where can we get our hands on it? Are there plans for online ordering / expanded distribution?

There are a few places that sell online. [Thou Mayest] currently does not have plans to distribute online.
It’s not listed yet but Binny’s will have it as well. There are plans for expanded distribution. The current distribution States (west to east): CO, KS, NE, MO, LA, KY, MN, WI, IL, IN, NJ, NY, DC.

What’s the current MSRP?

MSRP is always around $30.

Find Caffé Amaro online at Wine and Cheese Place.

Photos by Dustin Duewel.

Coffee Design is a feature series by Zachary Carlsen on Sprudge. Read more Coffee Design here.

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