On Friday, April 6th, no fewer than 80 people gathered together in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood to cup an extraordinary collection of Colombia coffees. 34 coffees from 28 roasters, cupped by a room of experts, roasters, baristas, curious onlookers, first-time cuppers, and friends. “Colombiana” would never have been possible without the hosting duties of Milstead & Co., who generously gave over their space and time to allow for this public event. Their cafe space was perfect for the evening, just big enough to handle the crowd while still feeling light and sophisticated. We also want to thank our event sponsors, La Marzocco USA and Hotel Hotel, for offering cupping supplies, beer, and tasteful nearby lodging.

Some attendees cupped all 34 coffees, presented in 3 “flights” across 3 chest-high tabletops; others cupped their way through 12 or 24 coffees, then enjoyed the social aspect of the evening. For the first time cuppers (with whom we took extra time to talk) the evening was equal parts intimidating and enlightening. On the one hand, cupping for the first time in a carnival atmosphere and with more than 30 coffees before you seems to hint at madness. But on the other hand, this kind of rare cupping environment provides plenty of cover for uncertainty, and a chance to learn from those with more experience without feeling as though the focus is on you. First-time cuppers were well-served by Colombiana, though we do hope it was made clear to them that this was not your average cupping.

With no further ado, here’s a full list of the coffees served. We’ve presented these coffees by roaster region, in wine list format, with quick-links for those who want to purchase coffees and play along at home.

Pacific Northwest:

Caffe Ladro (2), Caldono, Inza – Seattle

Stumptown Coffee Roasters (3), La Piramide, La Piramide Reserva, El Jordan – Seattle

Kuma Coffee Roasters, Marianela – Seattle

49th Parallel (2), La Esperanza, El Roble – Vancouver, British Columbia

Coava Coffee Roasters, Reinelio Lopez – PDX

Portland Coffee Roasting, Tolima Finca Las Florestales – PDX

Heart Coffee Roasters, Alto Palomar – PDX

Lone Pine, Martha Cecilia Rojas – Bend, OR

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Olympia Coffee Roasting Company (2), San Sebastian Reserva, Pablo Zuniga – Olympia, WA

Batdorf & Bronson, Estrella del Sur – Olympia, Washington


Augie’s Coffee Roasters, Miguel Ortega – Redlands, CA

Sightglass Coffee Roasters, El Alitico (Robuan Cueller-Trujillo) – San Francisco

Four Barrel Coffee (3), San Augustin Los Cauchos, San Augustin La Cabana, Bruselas Andino – San Francisco

Equator Coffees and Teas, Los Cauchos – San Rafael, CA

Flying Goat Coffee, La Esmeralda – Healdsburg, CA

Handsome Coffee Roasters, Los Naranjos – Los Angeles

East Coast:

Counter Culture Coffee Roasters, La Golondrina – Durham, NC

Ceremony Coffee Roasters, Los Naranjos – Annapolis, MD

Toby’s Estate, Primavera Huila – NYC

Dallis Bros. Coffee, Cerro Del Reyez – NYC

Batdorf & Bronson, Estrella del Sur – ATL

Great Lakes:

Populace Coffee, Los Naranjos – Bay City, Michigan

MadCap Coffee Company, San Sebastian – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Moonshine Coffee Company, Los Naranjos – MPLS


Cultivar Coffee, Dos Quebradas – Dallas

Amaya Roasting Company, Rio Negro – Houston

Cuvee Coffee, Cerro Azul Geisha – Austin


Oddly Correct, Huila “Leguizamo” – Kansas City

Thanks so much to all the roasters who participated, and especially to everyone who joined us in Seattle. Stay tuned for the announcement of our next cupping event soon!

Photos courtesy of Alex Negranza

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