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David Letterman asks Jerry Seinfeld, “You’re not drinking coffee unless you’re drinking it black, don’t you think?” Seinfeld hastily replies, “No, I don’t think.” And then boom, Letterman quips, “Oh, so you like to monkey with it?” (Where’s that t-shirt?)

The second season of the Sprudgie Award Winning Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee starts on June 13 via the un-embeddable Crackle platform and on the official website. Episodes run between ten-twenty minutes and follow a simple formula – Jerry picks up a guest in one of his (or his studio’s) cars – they talk about the car – they stop somewhere for coffee – and they shoot the shit. Seinfeld has called it “truly, the show about nothing”. The season two trailer reveals that guests will include Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Seth Meyer, and Don Rickles.

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The program involves cut-scene b-roll of coffee preparation. Last season we nerded out, showered the show with love, and poopoo’d some of the editing decisions – while car scenes were always fresh, the producers recycled b-roll footage of coffee. We called shenanigans (“tut-tut”, we said, “tut-tut!“), and Seinfeld replied:

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Well this new season hasn’t even started yet, but we already have a little nitpick from the second season’s trailer:


At first, we are delighted by the steam wand’s crust-free appearance. A few frames before, the steam wand was purging! However, on closer inspection (with our electron microscope) you can see a hair dangling from the tip of that wand.


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