Passed over to us yesterday morning by Coffeed founder & Sprudge Hot Tipper Alistair Durie, this specialty coffee themed romantic comedy has EVERYTHING. Beautiful Irish hunks. Romantic foibles. Pretentious coffee tasting moments.

Here’s a plot abstract from CineCoup:

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Liam & Sรฉ love their lives in Lahinch, Ireland: following their passions for coffee โ€“ under the guidance of their coffee guru, Peet โ€“ and for surfing. Paradise! But, with the money running out, the guys need a new survival path. So, with Peetโ€™s help, they head to America to become Third Wave coffee masters.

Surfing? Sure, why not. Who doesn’t think of Irishmen when the tide is high? Clearly there is a lot going on here. You can learn more via CineCoup, a website dedicated to being “a disruptive model for indie filmmakers to develop, market and finance their feature films.”

We’re working on a new trailer for CineCoup right now. Here’s how the voice over starts:

“In a world….where the word “disruptive”…doesn’t mean the same thing…as it did in third grade…”


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