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There’s a new video up today from our friends and partners at Verve Coffee Roasters, and it’s a head spinning, eye-catching, perpetual pan look inside coffee production in Kenya, to be watched on the biggest screen you have. This video shows how coffee is harvested, milled, stored, cupped, and transported to the big city for export, and takes the viewer to “factories” (as green coffee production facilities are called in Kenya) at Karatina, Karatu, Tegu, Karindundu, Chorongi, Karogoto, Kiangoi, and Karimikui.

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The video is up on Verve’s website alongside a quote from Colby Barr, Verve Coffee’s co-founder and green buyer. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s not like you can land a 747 in a coffee farm… without question coffee and its process from planting to roasting is an absolutely beautiful endeavor, but so are the little things: the taxi drivers and their custom interiors, the street food, the alleys, the crazy folk-art signage, the kids, and all of these observations and encounters that, together, really make up the ‘sense of place’ when traveling in origin.

The video itself is shot by Pedro Ramirez, of the production house What Took You So Long, who’ve previously been responsible for this sweet Dorman’s video we featured back in February of this year. This new Verve shoot establishes WTYSL, and Mr. Ramirez, as the premiere African specialty coffee videographers of 2013, and is strongly in the running for Best Video recognition at the 5th Annual Sprudgie Awards this January.

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