December 26th-31th, is revisiting some of our favorite stories from the very exciting past year in coffee. Enjoy!

The 2013 United States Barista Championship circuit is heating up, and is here to bring you best-in-the-business live coverage and event preview goodness from throughout this year’s competition cycle..

To promote and help folks train for the USBC, we teamed with up with Barista Guild of America NW Chapter rep Laila Ghambari, a team of certified barista competition judges, and a few choice sponsors to hold a series competition preparedness events. These “PrepFest 2013” events took potential barista competitors, judges, and volunteers on a whirlwind wild ride, all in front of our multiple camera set-up.

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Audiences in Portland and Seattle watched as Laila Ghambari (Caffe Ladro) and Sarah Dooley (La Marzocco USA) performed a real-live authentic 15 minute barista competition routine. This was followed by a judges’ calibration like no other, as PrepFest gave the audience carte blanche to ask questions and get answers as sensory and technical judges went through the scores line-by-line. Calibrations are normally extraordinarily private, closed-door affairs; PrepFest blew the doors off that situation, offering a truly unique level of insight into the authentic judging experience.

We coagulated a ton of info from PrepFest and turned it into the Sprudge Pop Video you see above, which was filmed in Portland at the American Barista and Coffee School. Below you can find complete score sheets for each judge.

Scoresheet Scans (right click to download)

Sensory Judge – Phuong Tran
Sensory Judge – Heather Ringwood
Sensory Judge – Will Hutchens
Sensory Judge – Alex Pond

Technical Judge – Carllee Curran
Technical Judge – Nathaniel May

Head Judge – Marcus Young

PrepFest 2013 was made possible by Nuova Simonelli, Caffe Ladro, The American Barista and Coffee School, Visions Espresso, Espresso Supply, and by our individual judging volunteers and their sponsor companies. Thank you.

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