They did it! After lots of discussion and clandestine hints offered at last October’s Pull A Shot event in California, the folks at the BGA have put together their very first East Coast event!

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We’d heard that maybe it was going to be an urban scavenger hunt kind of a thing, but instead they went with another lovely woodlands retreat: Mountain Lake Conservancy, a gorgeous property on the Virginia / West Virginia border, just west of Blacksburg. It features miles of hiking trails, a frisbee disk golf course, and the historic Mountain Lake Hotel, which was featured in the 1987 classic film Dirty Dancing. It looks like a truly stunning setting.

But Pull-A-Shot is about more than just basking in nature and / or putting baby in the corner. There are extensive opportunities for education throughout the weekend, including BGA Certification Level 1 & 2 course work and exams, presentations on a whole host of topics from some of the industry’s best and brightest, top flight gear from coffee’s tech leaders, and tons of tasty coffee to play with from generous roasters.

Pull-A-Shot is awesome, a place where anything can happen. You’ll learn something, you’ll meet new people, you’ll get BGA certified, you’ll stay out late under the stars, and who knows? Maybe you’ll fall in love. Learn more and join the East Coast Pull-A-Shot Facebook group here! Check out the official BGA CPAS website right here!


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