It was a frothy World Latte Art Championship at the World of Coffee in Copenhagen. Champions from around the world free-poured and etched for their lives. Over three days, we witnessed incredible works in the medium of latte art, and now, we have another World Latte Art Champion. Congratulations, Yi-Chen Xie!

wlac top six trophies elizabeth chai

1. Yi-Chen Xie, Taiwan @luke__1125
2. Manuela Fensore, Italy @manuela_fensore_official
3. Guoqiang Liu, China @barista_lq
4. Dario Pieber, Switzerland @dariopieber
5. Sarawut Manngan, Thailand
6. Elly (Jiyu Lee), South Korea @oneway_elly

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2024 wlac yi chen xie style cafe taiwan elizabeth chai 3

2024 wlac yi chen xie style cafe taiwan elizabeth chai 1

Yi-Chen Xie’s final presentation highlighted “the king of the ocean, king of the land, and the king of the sky.” Free pours featured artistic interpretations of a blue whale and a moose, with the designer drink featuring a dragon with black dye.

The 2024 World Latte Art Championship marked the very first time a World Coffee Championship used a superautomatic espresso machine, the Thermoplan Black&White4 CTS. While espresso was served with a push of a button, all competitors had manual control of the stream wand. Competitors used coffee roasted by Nordic Roasting Co.

Photos by Elizabeth Chai. 

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