It was a busy, milk-forward first day here at World of Coffee in Copenhagen. Latte Art Champions from around the world competed in a marathon nine-hour round-one. Latte art competitors stunned judges with exceptional milk artistry—free pouring and etching for their lives. In a packed room, the twelve semifinalists were announced amongst a frenzy of applause, cheers, and waving flags.

In no particular ranking order, here are your twelve 2024 World Latte Art Championship Semi-Finalists!

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2024 World Latte Art Championship Semi-Finalists

Guoqiang Liu (He/Him) Hexagon Coffee Trading Ltd., Co, China
Yi-Chen Xie (He/Him) 啡Style cafe & 咖啡教學, Taiwan
廖建航/ Liao Jianhang (He/Him) Independent, China
Elly (JIYU LEE) (She/Her) ONEWAY Training Center, South Korea
Dario Pieber (He/Him) Rent a Barista GmbH, Switzerland
Kwan Lam (He/Him) KJ Coffee Studio, Hong Kong
Ryusei Nozawa (He/They) Sarutahikocoffee, Japan
Ryan Liew (He/Him) Independent, Malaysia
Victor VU (He/Him) ONA Coffee, Australia
Sarawut Manngan (He/Him), Thailand
Arthur Chu (He/Him) Independent, Canada
Manuela Fensore (She/Her) World Latte Art & Coffee Center, Italy

The semi-finals round kicks off on Friday, June 28th, 2024 in Copenhagen at 11:00am.

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Photo by Tung Nguyen for Sprudge. 

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