World of Coffee Copenhagen is coming! The Specialty Coffee Association’s marathon conference series makes its annual stop in Europe this weekend, and with it, four World Coffee Championships closing out the 2024 competition cycle. Come Saturday, we’ll have four new champions for the Cezve/Ibrik Championship, World Latte Art Championship, World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship, and the World Coffee Roasters Championship.

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For more information, visit the World Coffee Events Copenhagen portal. Sprudge will be live all weekend covering the event in Copenhagen, so make sure to give us a follow on Instagram and stay close right here on Sprudge for updates and new features.

bella center copenhagen world of coffee
The World of Coffee Copenhagen venue Bella Arena.

2024 World of Coffee Copenhagen Schedule

World Of Coffee – Copenhagen, Day One, June 27, 2024
Time Event Location
8:00AM World Latte Art Championship Round One WLAC Stage
8:30AM World Coffee Roasting Championship Round One WCRC Stage
10:00AM World of Coffee Show Opens, Ribbon Cutting Bella Centre, Center Blvd. 5, 2300 København, Denmark
10:00AM Cezve/Ibrik Championship Round One WCIGS/CIC Stage
12:00PM World Coffee In Good Spirits Spirit Bar Round Art Bar / Espresso Bar / Spirit Bar
4:30PM Cezve/Ibrik Finals Announcement WCIGS/CIC Stage
5:15PM World Latte Art Championship Semi-Finals Announcement WLAC Stage
World Of Coffee – Copenhagen, Day Two, June 28, 2024
Time Event Location
8:00AM World Coffee Roasting Championship Day Two WCRC Stage
9:30AM World Coffee In Good Spirits Round One WCIGS/CIC Stage
11:00AM World Latte Art Championship Semi-Finals WLAC Stage
11:00AM World Latte Art Championship, Art Bar Art Bar / Espresso Bar / Spirit Bar
4:30PM World Latte Art Championship Finals Announcement WLAC Stage
5:00PM World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship Finals Announcement WCIGS/CIC Stage
World Of Coffee – Copenhagen, Day Three, June 29, 2024
Time Event Location
9:00AM World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship Finals WCIGS/CIC Stage
9:00AM Cezve/Ibrik Championship Finals WCIGS/CIC Stage
9:00AM World Latte Art Championship Finals WLAC Stage
9:00AM World Coffee In Good Spirits Finals WCIGS/CIC Stage
2:00PM World Latte Art Championship Award Ceremony WLAC Stage
3:15PM World Coffee In Good Spirits Award Ceremony WCIGS/CIC Stage
4:30PM World Coffee Roasting Championship Award Ceremony WCRC Stage

Cezve/Ibrik Championship

Cezve/Ibrik Championship – June 27, 2024 – Day One
11:15AM Turkey Kevser Atmaca (She/Her) NİJİ COFFEE CO.
12:05PM Canada Ply (He/Him) Rogue Wave Coffee
12:55PM France Jordan Tachnakian (He/Him) Terres de Café
1:45PM Romania Paul Ungureanu (He/Him) BOB Coffee Lab
2:35PM Ukraine Ivan Bilousov (He/Him) IDEALIST COFFEE CO.
3:25PM Italy Emanuele Bernabei (He/Him) Picapau Coffee Roastery

World Coffee In Good Spirits

World Coffee In Good Spirits, June 27, 2024 – Day One
12:00PM Japan Masa Fujikura (He/Him) Bar×Bar×Bar WATARASE
12:17PM Switzerland Sandro Roth (He/Him) IRIX Design
12:29PM China Tanxiying (She/Her) o.p.s cafe
12:41PM Brazil Daniel Munari (He/Him) Royalty Quality Coffee
12:53PM Italy Andrea Villa (He/Him) Bugan Coffee Lab
1:05PM Taiwan Sin Jay Kao (She/Her) Just Go Coffee
1:17PM United States Reyna Callejo (She/Her) Olympia Coffee
1:29PM Romania Traian (He/Him) Sloane Coffee Roastery
1:41PM Greece Yiannis Zoras (He/Him) Omsom Coffee Roasters
1:53PM China _YM__ (He/Him) Tipsy C.A.T.
2:05PM Austria Hannes Andexer (He/Him) J.Hornig
2:17PM Mexico Carlos de la Torre (He/Him) Café Avellaneda
2:29PM Hong Kong Chloe Lai (She/Her) Accro Coffee
2:53PM South Korea Seung Chan Wi (He/Him) EDIYA COFFEE
3:05PM Poland Karol Kraszewski (He/Him) Licencjonowani Barmani
3:17PM Thailand Punthep Kasemsri Na Ayutthaya (He/Him) Independent
3:29PM Canada Stacey Lynden (She/Her) Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Inc
3:41PM France Charity Cheung (She/Her) Moklair
3:53PM Czech Republic Jaroslav Slamecka (He/Him) Candycane coffee
4:05PM Ukraine Julia Terletska (She/Her) Foundation Coffee Roasters; Nemiroff Vodka Co.
4:17PM Australia Serene Yu (She/Her) Smay Coffee
4:29PM Indonesia Yessylia Violin Angkasa (She/Her) Common Grounds
4:41PM United Kingdom Chris So (He/Him) Accro Coffee UK

World Coffee Roasting Championship

June 27, 2024 – Day One
10:45AM Austria Andrea Trevisan (He/Him)
10:45AM Romania Andreea Duda (She/Her)
10:45AM Taiwan Simmy LU (She/Her)
10:45AM Indonesia Steven Nurcahyana (He/Him)
10:45AM Mexico Matías Durán (He/Him)
12:00PM Poland Mateusz Derkacz (He/Him)
12:00PM Norway Ludvik Bonna Hopstock (He/Him)
1:15PM Ukraine Igor Protsko (He/Him)
1:15PM United States Eduardo Choza (He/Him)
1:15PM Japan Ikko Temma (He/Him)
1:15PM Greece Theodoros Galazoulas (He/Him)
2:30PM China 刘太阳 – TaiYang Liu (He/Him)
2:30PM Brazil Pedro Anjos (He/Him)
2:30PM Germany Philip Weller (He/Him)
2:30PM France Erwan Alonso (He/Him)
2:30PM Thailand Warot (He/Him)
3:45PM South Korea Myunggi Jin (He/Him)
3:45PM Italy Emanuele Tomassi (He/Him)
3:45PM Turkey Alireza Razzaghzadeh (He/Him)
3:45PM China 成磊/Chenglei 刁/Diao (He/Him)
3:45PM Australia Sangchul Lee (He/Him)

World Latte Art Championship

June 27, 2024 – Day One Schedule
8:10AM Greece Sokratis Gialamas (He/Him) Harvest Coffee Roaster
8:21 AM China 廖建航/ Liao Jianhang (He/Him) Independent
8:32AM New Zealand Nico (He/Him) Flight Coffee
8:47AM Ireland Renata Khedun (She/Her) Brew Lab
8:58AM Sweden Alexander Datsos (He/Him) Scanomat
9:09AM Singapore Alyssa Goon (She/Her) Alchemist
9:24AM Australia Victor VU (He/Him) ONA Coffee
9:35AM Qatar Suraj Moktan (He/Him) SOS Café
9:46AM France Neora Shwartz (She/Her) Au Fil Des Sens
10:01 AM Mexico Leona Guerra (They/Them) Avellaneda
10:12AM Vietnam Nguyen Dang Son (He/Him) Every Half Coffee Roasters
10:23AM Ukraine Tetiana Musina (She/Her) Independent
10:38AM Italy Manuela Fensore (She/Her) World Latte Art & Coffee Center
10:49AM Turkey Huseyin Rahimler (He/Him) Blooming Brothers
11:00AM Germany Daniel Gerlach (He/Him) Seven Hills Coffee Roasters GmbH
11:15AM Japan Ryusei Nozawa (He/They) Sarutahikocoffee
11:26AM Canada Arthur Chu (He/Him) Independent
11:37AM Poland Kamil Czarnik (He/Him) Paloma Coffee Roastery
11:52AM China Guoqiang Liu (He/Him) Hexagon Coffee Trading Ltd.,Co
12:03PM Netherlands Jesse Fook (He/Him) Vascobelo NL BV
12:14PM South Africa Jeff Stopforth (He/Him) Tribeca Coffee
12:29PM Czech Republic Volodymyr Petrina (He/Him) Mazelab Coffee
12:40PM Hong Kong Kwan Lam (He/Him) KJ Coffee Studio
12:51PM United Arab Emirates Mondrick (He/Him) Goldbox Roastery Dubai
1:06PM Brazil Jota de Paula (He/Him) Jardim do Café
1:17PM South Korea Elly(JIYU LEE) (She/Her) ONEWAY Training Center
1:28PM Taiwan Yi-Chen Xie (He/Him) 啡Style cafe & 咖啡教學
1:43PM United Kingdom Haruka Nango (She/Her) Formative Coffee
1:54PM Austria Ali Vogel (He/Him) Vogel Kaffee
2:05PM Indonesia Sthira Yabin Suprijadi (He/Him) Brew and Else
2:20PM Denmark Camilo Burgos (He/Him) Democratic Coffee
2:31PM Philippines Mark Joseph Lingat (He/Him) Sweet Little Things Cafe
2:42PM Switzerland Dario Pieber (He/Him) Rent a Barista GmbH
2:57PM Thailand Sarawut Manngan (He/Him)
3:08PM Romania Dragos Magdici (He/Him) Independent
3:19PM Malaysia Ryan Liew (He/Him) Independent
3:34PM India Teja Achar (He/Him) Brewing Gadgets India
3:45PM Egypt Shehab Salah Eldin (He/Him) 30north Specialty Coffee
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