We’re proud to present this groovy documentary on coffee houses in the 1960s, “Coffee House Rendezvous”. Let’s agree on two things:

1. What they’re drinking in videos like this (and the one we posted last week on the late-50s London coffee scene) would almost certainly be considered brackish slime water by today’s high standards.

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2. Coffee house culture – the folk music, the style, the suburban leftist post-pubescent political pattycake, the cigarettes, the haircuts – used to be much, much, much cooler.

Back in the 1960s, the scene in Racine, Wisconsin was happenin’, man, with no fewer than three basement shops: The Pit, The Ship’s Wheel, and The Provincial Club. Meanwhile, at Brandeis University, the American Mocha is .20 cents, the Espresso Mocha is .25 cents, and “if you consider yourself swingin’, you just have to go to the coffee house.” Right on? Right on.

“There’s really something unique and inspiring about a coffee house…” [youtube]V2NoKCg702g[/youtube]

Video sourced by Alex Bernson and Espwesso Wesleyan

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