Were you informed, bemused, and left throbbing with palpable delight by our coverage of last December’s Counter Intelligence Professional Series event in NYC? Well, set your sensors to “tremble” – Five (5) dates for the 2011 Counter Intel Pro Series have just been announced across the USA! They include:

???Atlanta: March 30-31
Washington, DC: April 13-14
Durham, NC: June 1-2
Chicago: June 4-5
New York: June 29-30

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You WILL: Hang out with Peter Giulianoย and soak up his knowledge like a thirsty sponge.

You SHALL: Receive a 10% discount for BGA membership.

Thou SHALT: Perform hands-on experiments with acid, cup a whole freakin’ lot of coffee varietals, learn about the dreaded and occasionally hilarious world of defects, and enjoy delicious lunches.

Thy SHOULD: Consider learning more via Counter Culture Coffee online.

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