If you grew up watching “Seinfeld” (like we did), and you spent the last decade reading the internet (like we do), then this episode of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” should hit you pretty close to home. We teared up, watching Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards on camera together again. If you’re wondering if they addressed Mr. Richards’ public incident from a few years back, indeed they do, with honesty, grace, and candor. These two men are clearly friends, old collaborative partners who made the whole world laugh, and it’s a joy to spend this 17 minutes with them.

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The Car:
“1962 VW Split Window Double Cab bus, in dove blue, primer gray, and rust. The interior is gray vinyl and duct tape.”

The Coffee: Peet’s drip out of an airpot, served in a paper cup, from Malibu Kitchen.

This was a great first season of CICGC – here’s to many more.

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