Kicking off this Friday, October 5th, our partners at La Marzocco USA will be hosting the first “Roaster’s Showcase” ongoing series of weekly espresso demonstrations. Roasters from Seattle, North America, and around the world are invited to submit their coffees for a chance to showcase in the LM lab. It’s an open call for experimentation – a chance to try out concepts and test your espresso away from the confines of a working espresso bar. Here’s more from La Marzocco’s blog:

Roasterโ€™s Showcase is an opportunity for you, coffee roasting companies, to come into the LM Lab, away from the usual confines of your traditional coffee bar, and show off your coffee. ย For some, this could be a simple opportunity to cup your newest coffees; for others it could be a forum for you to host taste pairings, signature beverage flights, or an exploration of coffees paired with particular brew methods. ย The space is open to you to express your creativity; the sky is the limit.

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First up to exhibit at the Roaster’s Showcase is Seattle’s own Caffe Ladro, who will be showcasing on Friday, October 5th. LM is now accepting submissions from other interested roasters. Offer up your goods and rock your wares at the LM lab by emailing here.

What: La Marzocco’s first-ever Roaster’s Showcase.

When: Friday, October 5th at 10am

Where: La Marzocco USA (1553 NW Ballard Way Seattle, WA 98107)

Will there be a RyLa sighting? Only time will tell!
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