In continuing our well-documented love of nerds, have a look at this video from World Brewers Cup champion and Australian barista wunderkind Matt Perger, of St. Ali Coffee Roasters in Melbourne. This video has everything. “Haters gonna hate”, odes to “sweet cremz”, instructions to pause the video and read the lengthy analysis in the Vimeo description, fixed variables, hands-free scale-weighed portafilter love, and that irascible scourge curse of any pro barista, “spontaneously coarser grind size.”

The ultimate pull quote: “If you’re not using volumetrics or weighing every single shot’s dose and yield, your espresso bar will be grossly inconsistent. There’s really no excuse, it’s 2012.” Drama!

We thought to ourselves, “Is this the espresso nerd video of the day? The week? The month?” Folks, this is likely The Espresso Nerd Video of the Year. The world is a better, nerdier place for having seen it, and for that, we thank Mr. Perger, his guinea pig barista Jamie Thomson, and the folks at St. Ali.