Seattle Folks: Celebrate 7 Years of Trabant!

Seattle Folks: Celebrate 7 Years of Trabant!

For those of you who dwell near the Puget Sound, her gentle waves lapping and cooing against your lifestyle, the saltair a part of your pores, the sea vibes intertwined with your very soul, there’s a swell shinding happening this weekend at the Trabant Chai and Coffee U District location. A proud purveyor of the Piccolo family’s 49th Parallel Roasters, Trabant is home to some of the most talented baristas in the Northwest, and as evidenced by their CoffeeFest Trainwreck party, they know how to have a good time. Stop by December 5th at 1pm for “toasting and tasting”, give Trabant props for their years in the community, and enjoy epic shots of Epic pulled by a very capable crew.

Big ups, Trabant. Keep on keepin’ on, have a great time on Sunday, and warmest wishes from the team.

Trabant and Co. are also offering an upcoming holiday brewing workshop, set for December 19th at their T2 location in downtown Seattle. $15 gets you 1/2 pound of 49th Parallel, an hour and a half of instruction from a competition barista, and “an inside look” at the doings at Trabant. We’re assuming this means they’ll be discussing whom is dating whom, where so and so goes for drinks after work, and theories as to who actually owns that crystal skull tamper that’s been sitting around the shop for 6 months. Learn more and book tickets for your curious Grandmother here.

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