Breaking from the Barista Magazine social network omnibus, the SCAA has (apparently) set their North Central Regional Barista Competition event to coincide with Coffee Fest Chicago! This is unconfirmed by the SCAA North Central info page, which means Sarah and Ken are dropping some serious scoop on us today. Here’s their post in all its scoopy glory:

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Breaking! North Central Regional Barista Competition will be held at Coffee Fest Chicago, Feb. 18-20. That means YOU, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Indiana, and Nebraska!

CoffeeFest Chicago goes down February 18th-20th at Navy Pier. The Coffee Fest website directs would-be Barista Champion competitors to contact Marcus Boni for registration info. Reach him here at, and tell him we say hi.

Check out the CoffeeFest Chicago website for more info, check out the SCAA website for updates, and make friends with Barista Magazine on Facebook already, jeez.

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