SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 — After four days of intense competition, two new World Coffee Champions have been announced in Melbourne, Australia: Anthony Douglas representing Australia is the 2022 World Barista Champion, and Shih Yuan Hsu (Sherry) representing Taiwan is the 2022 World Brewers Cup Champion.

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2022 World Barista Championship (WBC) Final Ranking

1. Anthony Douglas, Australia
2. Morgan Eckroth, United States
3. Claire Wallace, United Kingdom
4. Takayuki Ishitani, Japan
5. Benjamin Put, Canada
6. Patrik Rolf, Sweden

2022 World Brewers Cup (WBrC) Final Ranking

1. Shih Yuan Hsu (Sherry), Taiwan
2. Elika Liftee, United States
3. Elysia Tan, Singapore
4. Tomas Taussig, Czech Republic
5. Jhon Christhoper, Indonesia
6. Simen Andersen, Norway

The World Coffee Championships (WCCs) have taken place over the last four days as part of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE). Competition has been fierce, with over 90 competitors representing their Competition Bodies across four World Coffee Championships – 45 competitors in the World Barista Champion and 32 in the World Brewers Cup.

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We are delighted to bring the WCCs back to Melbourne for the third time, having hosted the 2013 WBC & WBrC, and the 2014 World Latte Art, World Coffee in Good Spirits, and World Cup Tasters Championships.

The WCCs take place annually and are the culmination of local and regional events hosted by sanctioned Competition Bodies from around the world. The Melbourne WCCs marks the first event that we will be working with many of the WCC qualified sponsors announced earlier in 2022; Barista Attitude, Victoria Arduino, Cafetto, BRITA, BWT water+more, and Breville. We look forward to working with them and seeing the innovations that these partnerships facilitate over the coming years.

World Barista Championship

The World Barista Championship focuses on promoting excellence in coffee, advancing the barista profession, and engaging a worldwide audience with an annual championship event that serves as the culmination of local and regional events around the globe. Each year, competitors from around the globe each prepare 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks, and 4 original signature drinks to exacting standards in a 15-minute performance set to music. WCE Certified Judges from around the world evaluate each performance on the taste of beverages served, cleanliness, creativity, technical skill, and overall presentation. The ever-popular signature beverage allows baristas to stretch their imagination and the judges’ palates to incorporate a wealth of coffee knowledge into an expression of their individual tastes and experiences. The top 15 highest-scoring competitors from the first round, plus the wild-card winner from the Team Competition, advance to a semi-final round. The top 6 competitors in the semi-final round advance to the finals round, from which one winner is named World Barista Champion!

World Brewers Cup

The World Brewers Cup competition highlights the craft of filter coffee brewing by hand, promoting manual coffee brewing and service excellence. In this Championship, competitors prepare and serve three individual beverages for a panel of judges. During the first round competitors complete two coffee services – a compulsory service and an open service. For the compulsory service, competitors prepare three beverages utilizing whole bean coffee provided to them by the competition. For the open service, competitors may utilize any whole bean coffee of their choosing and must also accompany their beverage preparation with a presentation. The six competitors with the highest score from the first round will go on to compete in the finals round consisting exclusively of an open service. One competitor from the final round will be named the World Brewers Cup Champion.

The World Coffee Championships are supported by:

World Barista Championship: Barista Attitude, Victoria Arduino, Cafetto, BWT water+more, Toddy, Brewista, Scotsman, Hario, Riverina Fresh, Ally Coffee, Force Tamper, Breville, Reg Barber

World Brewers Cup: Hario, Breville, BRITA, Cafetto, Mazzer, Chemex, Taf, Akirakoki, Aeropress, Loveramics, Brewista, Ally, Detpak, BUNN

WCC Brew Bar: BRITA, Cafetto, Mazzer, Detpak, Loveramics, Brewista, Chemex, Hario, Clever Dripper, Aeropress, BUNN, Daterra, Taf, Tres Maria Coffee, The Underdog, Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Toby’s Estate, Offshoot Coffee, Ditta Artigianale, Criteria Coffee, Gardelli, Rogue Wave Coffee, Five Senses

WCC Espresso/Team Bar: Barista Attitude, Victoria Arduino, Cafetto, BWT water+more, Alpro, Mazzer, Brewista, Loveramics, Force Tamper, Detpak, Daterra, Riverina Fresh

WCC Product Partners: Rhinowares, Barista Supply

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