Londoners keen to do a bit of palate travel (or just looking to transport themselves away from the humidity, rain, and Olympics madness) would do well to head over to Protein by DunneFrankowski at 6pm this Wednesday, July 18th, for a chance to cup and brew the coffees of Oslo. Here’s more from the DF boys’ Tumblr:

Last week I was lucky enough to take a trip to Oslo for work. Catching up and meeting the great folk of northern Europe. You canโ€™t go to Oslo and not bring back coffee. So as the coffee mule profession goes, I brought back a substantial amount of beans. Espressos from Tim Wendelboe, Solberg & Hansen and Kaffa, along with a lot of new crop filters.

So what better way to celebrate than to have a tasting. Our intention is to begin with a good old fashioned social cupping, spitting is optional. Followed by espresso tasting which will leave everyone substantially caffeinated. Considering that most Barista dont finish work until 5-6 we are hosting the tasting for this Wednesday SIX O CLOCK onwards hoping to facilitate an opportunity for all to attend.

That’s this Wednesday, the 18th, at 6pm – admission is ยฃ6, and the shop is located at 18 Hewett Street EC2A 3NN, in Shoreditch. Full details and contact info available here. Unfamiliar with London’s DunneFrankowski duo? Learn more here.