Birth and Taxes: That Ain’t My Babyccino

Birth and Taxes: That Ain’t My Babyccino

City Coffee, in beautiful Camden, New Jersey, is in the news today for all the wrong reasons: sexual harassment disputes, vows of appeal, big money settlements, and the strangest menu we’ve ever laid our eyes on. From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A Camden entrepreneur whose coffee shop offered DNA tests as well as java vowed Tuesday to fight a judge’s ruling that he verbally agreed to settle a sexual harassment suit by six female employees.

The $75,000 agreement – including $15,000 to be shared by the former employees – had been contested by Ronald Ford Jr., the owner of City Coffee, who refused to sign the settlement document this summer.

City Coffee opened in 2002 to much celebration from local officials. Over the years, the proprietor Ronald Ford Jr. added an unusual array of services to the menu.

In addition to coffee and muffins, the Camden native offered tax preparation and paternity testing.

For about $600, a coffee shop worker would run swabs inside the mouths of a mother, child and alleged father and ship them to a lab for DNA testing.

It goes without saying that we hope City Coffee is a bellweather shop for trends in specialty coffee. Can you imagine? DNA swabs with your shot of SOE. Tax prep help while you wait for your V60. Let’s see if Maury Povich will film at your favorite cafe.

He’s my baby’s daddy, and I’m gonna mocha him pay!


  1. Daniel Lodewyk

    13 November

    this is why I come to this website

  2. calvin tew

    8 November

    That picture about made me pee myself.  Thanks for the laugh.

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