SprudgeTip #1: Chemex Rinse Water Hack

SprudgeTip #1: Chemex Rinse Water Hack

This video has 3,000,000 views on YouTube already. You throw a practical Chemex tip on the Internet? Viral.

  1. Tom H

    9 October

    Now this might sound a little nuts..but…I used to do this but worried I was just pouring ‘papery’ water back through the filter thus trapping the stuff that you’re trying to get rid of. Pouring out through the spout channels it around the filter avoiding this. Thoughts etc.?

  2. Katie

    20 January


  3. Brendon

    19 January

    Nice tip, now if only I had a Chemex…

  4. bonnie g

    16 January

    Must we really continue to act as if the Chemex was invented yesterday?

    What next? Bialetti Moka pot videos?

    • Karen

      16 January

      Who’s acting like it was invented yesterday? Someone’s burrs are set too fine.

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