Please enjoy these curated live-tweets, pics, and videos from the first day of SERBC in Atlanta. Our presence here this weekend was made possible by Curtis, whose Gold Cup brewer will be providing samples of all the coffees used by this year’s Brewers Cup competitors. It’s our pleasure to serve the barista community by covering these events – you inspire us.

1:47 @josh_bonanno serves the judges cheese!

1:58 @bluebarista michael harwood serves pacamara cappuccinos with north carolina milk…there’s a kind of gentle southern serenity to his routine

2:01 @bluebarista so intentional with the judges: “i’m transitioning into espresso now so have a sip of water if you haven’t had a chance

2:09 @bluebarista michael harwood calls time at 14:45 – a “masterful” performance, as per @davedelchamps, from the reigning #serbc champ

2:16 beautiful country table set-up for steph caronna of la farm bakery – lovely water pitcher… competes using @counter_culture

2:36 travis beckett’s routine features lovely clarinet jazz…like a barista routine opening a woody allen film #serbc @juicegarden

3:11 for six months as a barista, @coupercox that’s a damn good routine man

3:13 up next is dan pabst (@drinkmud) of @mudhousecoffee in charlottesville – it’s his third year, and fourth competition routine overal

3:19 toffee, bright black cherry, “beautiful” sweetness, mellow finish- “like surfing…just hit the wave and ride out” – @drinkmud‘s spro

3:30 @drinkmud a jamie moyer-esque, greg maddux-like, solid performance – not flashy, but you look up and he’s given you 7 solid innings.

4:15 best opening of the day: “coffee is as complex as the humans who consume it.” – lindsey kiser, @peregrinedc

4:30 lindsey kiser of @peregrinedc calls time at 15:03 – another standout routine from day one

4:45 evan leihy’s sig drink: apple, mint, juniper – muddled – table flexing, moved his boston to the corner – then dry steamed honey milk

4:47 frozen granny smith apple “coins” – that’s what’s in evan leihy’s mystery box, and don’t you forget it. #serbc #beenhereallday

4:49 aaaand now, performing late, one of #serbc‘s heavy hitters – trevor corlett @madcap

4:55 trevor competes using @madcapcoffee‘s third coast blend espresso

5:00 “if you can, enjoy the espresso in three sips – you won’t regret it.” -trevor corlett of @madcapcoffee

5:08 trevor corlett @madcap calls time at 15 flat – pulls a total of 16 shots in the routine

5:11 ty beddingfield of @buddybrewcoffee up now – there are two more competitors after him #serbc #dreamingofbrisket

5:48 around 1/3rd of competitors today used coffee from papua new guinea. it has to be a record, most PNG in one comp. #serbc #thassalottabaroida

5:49 neal faul of @axumcoffee calls time at 15:45 – another great first-time competitor at this year’s #serbc

5:50 FINAL COMPETITOR NOW – oh my god soon we can leave you alone – zach neuman (zoneuman) from @cafehelios, raleigh NC

5:51 @zoneuman is the coffee director at @cafehelios – this is his second year competing at #serbc

6:06  final competitor calls TIME – @zoneuman  clocks out at 15:25 – announcements coming soon (gianni is in place, this is proof) #serbc #bbqsoon