Congratulations to Lindsey Kiser! Lindsey is your 2012 SERBC champion – she’ll go on to be a first-round bye competitor at this year’s 2012 USBC in Portland, Oregon, and she’ll be joining Cafe Imports on their origin trip to Costa Rica!

Lindsey competes for Peregrine Espresso in Washington DC. Feel free to pass along your props to Lindsey and the Peregrine crew via Twitter @PeregrineDC. It’s worth noting – Lindsey is the first female regional champ in 2 years. #ladiestothefront

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Lindsey competed using Counter Culture Coffee’s Papua New Guinea Baroida. You can learn more about CCC PNG Baroida here, and order some for yourself at home.

Final results:

1st. Lindsey Kiser, Peregrine Espresso, DC

2nd. Trevor Corlett, MadCap Coffee, DC

3rd. Michael Harwood, Carrboro Coffee, Carrboro NC

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