Please enjoy these curated live-tweets, pics, and videos from the first day of SERBC in Atlanta. Our presence here this weekend was made possible by Curtis, whose Gold Cup brewer will be providing samples of all the coffees used by this year’s Brewers Cup competitors. It’s our pleasure to serve the barista community by covering these events – you inspire us.

8:44AM up first – the one and only (we’re assuming) zachariah acquaviva of viva & co in asheville, NC – @benhelfen handlin’ the intro

8:50AM an early morning jet lag haiku for zachariah acquaviva: zachariah’s first / beard, glasses and pony tail / rwandan coffee #serbc

8:58 zachariah acquaviva calls time at 15:00 flat – “that 15 minutes goes by quick!”, wet process “colombian” style coffee from rwanda

9:10 wet-mill fermented pacas varietal from honduras for @dutgoodman – a bit uncertain at first, starting to settle in with cascara siphon #serbc

9:11 “one of the reasons i chose this coffee was perseverence and dedication of the farmers even getting to the mill” – @dutgoodman

9:22 @dutgoodman “at this point i’ve already gone over, so i’m gonna take my time and let y’all enjoy this

9:23 “i really did enjoy serving y’all” – @dutgoodman calls time at 16:30 #serbc – @chandlerrentz (also of @batdorfcoffee) up next

9:30 “relationship, dedication” – @chandlerrentz on @batdorfcoffee’s finca el valle, antigua, guatemala – “i choose this coffee over all others”

9:35 @chandlerrentz – calm, cool, in control, unhurried, comfortable on stage…

9:38 @chandlerrentz re-pulling a shot at 10 minute mark for cappuccino course…has to hustle now

9:46 tough to watch @chandlerrentz get tripped up – still an immensely professional performance, @batdorfcoffee has much to be proud of

9:47 @chandlerrentz calls time at 19 flat – @benhelfen has the quote: “your commitment to pulling good shots is admirable”

9:48 up now – dustin mattson of octane coffee

10:05 dustin strains shots in metal basket to reduce co2, adds ice from vintage ice box – calls time at 15 flat

10:12 @deefaucette is a first-time competitor and bar manager for @jubalacoffee – starts with espresso, but first adds mango to milk

10:15 @deefaucette uses PNG baroida from @counter_culture – “wet and dry processing on the same farm, basically unheard of

10:33 gosh, dare i say it? kind of a southern american @jimseven vibe from competitor dan mueller

10:39 blueberry, tart red cherry evolving into smooth, deep cocoa body, caramel – espresso from @simple_algebra, as described to the judges

10:47 dan mueller calls time at 15 flat – would not be shocked to see him tomorrow

10:59 it’s all vintage parlor jazz for anna green @filterdc – cappuccinos are down at 7:45

11:04 anna green’s sig: cherries and apples, swee and tartn mingle with stone fruit espresso – almond aroma complimented by sesame milk

11:22 randall kindall of @peregrinedc competing with two differently aged of kenyan coffee…super interesting.

11:23 “happy cows make happy milk which make happy cappuccinos” – randy kindall

12:04 camilla ramos of panther coffee (@milamos) brings a cuban influence to her routine – vaporizing a 97 point cigar, 5 year aged, to compliment the coffee

12:05 camilla introduces her music – “this song was recorded in the 1930s, the same time our vintage probat roaster was built in germany”

12:30 selena hilton-aragon uses Batdorf & Bronson PNG Baroida – lots of PNG today at #serbc, coming from @batdorfcoffee and @counter_culture

12:36 larz robison of @stocktongraham competes with no background music – all focus, no distraction – it’s his first time competing at

12:56 @sexyfoam – “judges, good afternoon, my name is lem, and i will be your coffee steward through an amazing experience in espresso”

1PM “get your judge on” – lem offers still water and sparkling water to the judges with his espresso shot

1:11 “judges, i thank you for your time and your palates. i hope you’ve enjoyed your trip to papua new guinea. time.” – lem calls at 14:45

1:20 #brewerscup almost on. some quotes from first competitor @jasondominy: “it’s on like donkey kong. i’m gonna be a ferocious tiger up there”