Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a brand-new web TV show called “Comedians In Cars Drinking Coffee”. Each episode features a car from Seinfeld’s storied collection of automobiles. The first episode features a flawless and fully restored 1952 Volkswagen Beetle.

Auto-enthusiast blogs are having a field day listing off the classic cars spotted in Seinfeld’s new web series, from a large collection that has for years been kept private and behind closed garage doors.

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The coffee portion of the series is a little harder to dissect. Between schtick, scenes are cut with b-roll of latte art and familiar DSLR shots of espressos. The location of the first episode is inside John O’Groats in West Los Angeles. JOG has been serving Trinidad Coffee Roasters coffee for the last six years.

In the first episode, available above, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David get together, and Mr. David decides to drink a tisane instead of coffee. Mr. Seinfeld orders regular coffee with his breakfast and riffs on Larry’s anti-coffee stance. Hilarity ensues.

The next episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee comes out Thursday, August 2nd on Crackle.com, where you can also view full episodes of Seinfeld. Unfortunately episode 113, The Maestro, is currently unavailable. The episode contains what is perhaps one of the best coffee moments in TV history:

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