Super exciting news for Portlanders and travel-ready Seattleites (heck, plus people from anywhere else who want to hop a flight): 2007 World Barista Champion and Sprudgey Award winner James Hoffmann is coming to Portland, Oregon.

On April 16th, from 5pm-7pm, Mr. Hoffmann will have full run of the American Barista and Coffee School. He’ll be talking up Nuova Simonelli’s Official World Barista Championship espresso machine, the Aurelia II T3, as well as taking your questions, and generally being convivial and charming in front of a crowd (as is his wont).

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The event is free and open to the public, and drinks & refreshments will be served. This is the exclusive West Coast speaking engagement for Mr. Hoffmann following the 2013 USBC event in Boston, and a rare opportunity to hear from a WBC champion and one of the brightest minds in coffee!

Who: Nuova Simonelli & James Hoffmann
What: Exclusive West Coast Engagement
Where: The American Barista & Coffee School (1028 SE Water Ave)
When: April 16th, 5-7PM


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