This car just set a Guinness World Record for fastest land-speed coffee-fueled motor vehicle. The vehicle uses pellets made from coffee chaff – can you imagine? Think of all of those buckets of chaff at the end of a long roasting day fueling up your 1991 Honda Accord. What a dream!

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Some are skeptical that this alterna-fuel is actually beneficial. YouTube user JumoShwanz isn’t convinced (and doesn’t understand what fossil fuel is):

“Hello? The car burns charcoal, a fossil fuel to heat the coffee, so whoop-te-doo. Burning anything, any plant coffee included puts carbon dioxide into the air, so it is not really solving any problem at all, it is simply poor people flocking to a promise of cheap energy the same as they would flock to anything. Come back when you make something that does not add to global warming.

On the other hand, YouTube user Seona Galbally seems impressed:

“My kind of car! Caffeinawesome!”
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