Just as coffee enthusiasts drink PLENTY more than just coffee – a well-balanced kale & almond smoothie to start your day off right, say, or a charmingly smokey Islay single malt – so too do coffee blogging enthusiasts read much more than just coffee blogs. Your Sprudge Editors are blogatorially obsessed with a wide and varied variety of diverse digital dispatches, from Jezebel to Lookout Landing, from Wonkette to the Drudge Report, from Deadspin to Boing Boing to TMZ.

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One such online publication that we love is called Apartment Therapy, a globe-spanning digest of gorgeous homes and eye-catching interior design. Reading Apartment Therapy is a pretty regular thing in this family, but can you imagine our surprise when…somehow, improbably…the specialty coffee world and Apartment Therapy came crashing together in unexpected digital coitus? A frotteur of diverse interests, snuggling up together?

Well it happened. Cory Andreen – reigning 2012 World Cup Tasters champion, noted public speaker, owner of Berlin’s Cafe CK, and occasional summertime Portlander – had his 2583 square foot Neukölln ultra loft featured by Apartment Therapy. It. Is. Stunning. Here’s some of the photos (not ours) with new captions (def ours):

Ehrmagerhd look at that room flow. The windows! The beam! Is that a foosball table?
A better look at the beam, the frame cluster, the bookshelf, the book nook…the speakers, those chairs & couches, the bicycles, the magazine holder, and all that natural light!
AND they have a big fluffy puddy tat? That's it, we're flying over there and sleeping on the floor.
AND he has a big fluffy puddy tat? Wow.

There are lots more pictures to look at via Apartment Therapy, from whom we lifted all the photos you see here.

Though we are regular A/T readers, this feature was sourced by Sprudge Hot Tipper Scott Guglielmino.

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