There’s a lot of reasons to be excited about attending the TED Conference – and now that we’ve seen the roster of coffees that’s being served there, the menu alone is worth the cost of admission. The eight roasters involved brought together a mouth-watering selection of coffees.

Africa takes the spotlight at this year’s coffee service. Colorado’s Allegro has their Kenya Kirinyaga. New York’s Irving Farm selected their Rwanda Lake Kivu. There are plenty of Ethiopian coffees on bar, with British Columbia roaster Salt Spring‘s Amaro Gayo, Blue Bottle’s Chalalacktu and Oromia, Chicago-based MetropolisSuke Quto, and Verve Coffee‘s Yirgacheffe from the Konga Cooperative.

Cincinnati’s Deeper Roots offers the one of two Latin American coffees on bar, with their Guatemala Santa Maria La Aromonia Hermosa. MadCap Coffee brings Colombia La Plata. With the 38 brilliant baristas chosen to serve these drinks via pour over and espresso methods, this is arguably the best multi-roaster pop-up in the world.

In addition to these offerings, the TED Coffee team have assembled a blend including Blue Bottle’s Ethiopia Kemgin, Salt Spring‘s Ethiopia Amaro Gayo, and Deeper RootsGuatemala La Armonia Hermosa.

To the baristas currently toiling away in SoCal, making coffee for the TED attendees, if you need us to order a pizza or some take-out for you, e-mail us at We’ll figure something out.

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