This week on our new series On The Menu we’re visiting Coffee Science in New Orleans to take a closer look at their specialty espresso drink The Strawberry Nebula. We’re all just space dust, we all arrived here from a distinct body of interstellar clouds, and what better way to honor that provenance by gulping it down one’s gullet?

The Coffee Science achieves a nebula-like effect by whipping espresso to a foam and adds fresh Louisiana-grown strawberry. We had to know more, so we reached out to co-owner Leah Vautrot to learn more.

Tell us about your signature drink!

The Espresso Nebula was concocted by our founder, Tom Oliver, as a way to make dalgona coffee with our fresh roasted coffee instead of instant.

We typically float the coffee foam on oat milk to make a delicious iced pick-me-up. Tristen, our fabulous manager, had the great idea to flavor the milk with seasonal fruits from our local produce counter.

espresso nebula nola
The Espresso Nebula from The Coffee Science.

Who crafted your signature drink?

Tom Oliver and Tristen Myers

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What unique ingredients does it contain?

Ingredients are Coffee Science coffee (secret technique), water, sugar, vanilla, and strawberry puree.

coffee science nola sprudge on the menu 3
Inside The Coffee Science NOLA.
coffee science nola sprudge on the menu 1
Sunny outdoor space at The Coffee Science NOLA.

Is your signature drink served in a particular vessel? How did you make this choice?

We serve it in a rocks glass so customers can enjoy watching the espresso nebula swirl with the strawberry.

Where is it available?

At Coffee Science in New Orleans!

How much is it?


coffee science nola sprudge on the menu 2
The Strawberry Nebula at The Coffee Science.

How long will it be on the menu?

Only during strawberry season!

Anything else you’d like to share about the drink?

The Strawberry Nebula has been a huge hit with customers. Don’t be fooled though, this coffee has quite a caffeinated kick, is totally coffee forward, and is full of ripe Louisiana strawberry.

Thank you!

The Coffee Science is located at 410 S Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119. Check out their official website and follow The Coffee Science on Instagram.

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