Here we are: the Final Four of Sprudge’s 2022 Ultimate Coffee Bracket Challenge. Over the past two weeks, we’ve let you the people take to Instagram to vote for your favorite coffee drinks in a head-to-head tournament of caffeinated greatness.

This is year number two of Bracketsprology, not that you’d really be able to tell based upon the last four drinks still dancing. Last year, Espresso, Batch Brew, Chemex, and V60 were the Final Four, and that’s pretty much exactly what we have again this year, save for a sub in of the One and One/Affogato for the Chemex, which really only didn’t make the Semis this year because it ran into the buzzsaw that is Espresso.

So who’s it going to be this year? Are we going to see a Finals rematch of Espresso vs. V60? Will Espresso finally have its day or will V60 repeat? (Though it has already been noted that V60 should already be out, but alas.) Will last year’s surprise Batch Brew solidify its standing by making it one step closer to the title with a Finals appearance? And what about the One and One. In its first year in the tourney, could the One and One be the sweetest Cinderella story yet? Honestly, it’s anyone’s game.

It’ll all be settled next week on the Sprudge Instagram stories. The first of the two Final Four matches will take place Monday, the second on Tuesday, and then the Big Game on Thursday. So tune in and make sure you are voting for your faves from your Insta, Finsta, that meme account you started that never really gained traction, and whatever handle you somehow have the password to (we won’t ask).

Don’t brew (or do brew), vote!

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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