Mr. Espresso is back at it again with another innovative chef collaboration signature beverage available at their Oakland espresso bar The Caffe. This time, Mr. Espresso teams up with Chef Gloria Domínguez for an iced beverage that inspires sweet nostalgia. The beverage, the Cafe de Olla, reminds Chef of her childhood and the aroma of her grandmother’s kitchen.

chef collab square mr espresso sprudge on the menu

Cafe de Olla is a Domínguez family staple. The drink first appeared on the menu at Domínguez’s former restaurant Tamarindo. Her daughter Adriana Domínguez-Porter now offers it at her cafe Tal Palo in Los Altos. Domínguez’s son Alfonso offers the Cafe de Ollo on his Sunday brunch menu at his restaurant Mia Comida Casera in Oakland.

mr espresso interior
The Caffe (Photo by Hardy Wilson, courtesy of Mr. Espresso)

For two weeks, this special drink is available at The Caffe, Mr. Espresso’s glorious flagship espresso bar.

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The Caffè makes Cafe de Olla with Piloncillo syrup. Piloncillo is spiced with cinnamon, star anise, orange zest, and cloves. Mr. Espresso uses their Organic Dark Roast Guatemala CODECH – Women’s Lot for the drink’s 24-hour cold brew base. The syrup is added to the cold brew, stirred, poured over ice, and topped with a cold foam.

What Is Cold Foam?

If you’d like to try The Caffe’s take on Cafe de Olla, act fast, it will be on the menu until May 11th.

The Caffe is located at 1120 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607, USA. For more information, follow @thecaffeoak on Instagram and check out their official website.

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