As anyone will all too many coffee receptacles can tell you, cupboard space can come at a premium. Ceramics, mugs, to-go cups, camp mugs, tumblers, if you’ve been drinking coffee for long enough, you’re sure to have accrued more than your fair share of this sort of coffee ephemera, and more is certainly on the way (to say nothing of the growing number of reusable water bottles stacking up as well).

Luckily KeepCup has heard our cries (and the creaks of the cabinets giving way under the weight of all that porcelain) and has come out with a brand-new multi-function drinking vessel. Named simply the Bottle, the reusable cup goes from water bottle to coffee cup with just a twist.

Teased last week on KeepCup’s Instagram, the Bottle was officially announced on Monday, adding to the Australian company’s roster of reusable drinking vessels. Utilizing a modular design, the top of the Bottle can be unscrewed, transforming it from a water bottle to a reusable coffee cup in line with the brand’s other offerings. Thanks to vacuum insulation, the Bottle can keep hot drinks hot for two hours and cold drinks cold for eight.

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And though the uses for the new product have diversified, KeepCup has made sure the Bottle still works in a cafe setting. The bottom part of the Bottle, the coffee vessel, was designed to fit “under coffee machine group heads, keeping extraction and crema intact.” And because it comes apart, the Bottle is easy to clean, so no more weird coffee stains.

keepcup bottle black

Now available via the KeepCup website, the bottle comes in 18oz and 22oz sizes and boasts 10 different color options. Prices range from $34 to $55 based on size and color configuration (though the $34 clear plastic option isn’t listed as holding temperature nearly as long as the more expensive vacuum-insulated stainless steel options).

So if you’ve got more cups than room, maybe the Bottle is just the answer you are looking for. Probably not, though, because you can buy all the Bottles you want, you’re not getting rid of a single item from that cupboard, are you? (The “you” here is “me”. I’m not getting rid of nothing.)

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