Neumann Kaffee Gruppe has purchased Nordic Approach. The German-based green coffee importer with offices on five different continents announced yesterday, June 13th that they have acquired a majority share in Nordic Approach, including their spin-off Tropiq.

Nordic Approach originally made waves in the specialty coffee industry back in 2011, when it was announced as a combined effort between Morten Wennersgaard and Andreas Hertzberg of Solberg & Hansen and Tim Wendelboe. Since then, the Oslo-based brand has made a name for itself importing high quality green coffee across Europe and America.

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And now, they are part of the larger NKG network, where they will be joining the likes of green coffee importers like Atlas Coffee and InterAmerican Coffee. Per the press release, both Weenersgaard and Hertzberg will stay on as minority shareholders “and will continue leading and developing the companies as Managing Directors.”

“With the acquisition of the majority of shares in Nordic Approach and Tropiq, says NKG Group CEO David M. Neumann, “we are confident that we now are in an ideal position to expand our specialty business not just in Scandinavia, but across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. At the same time, we will become better business partners for producers and sellers of the highest quality coffees and to offer a full range of green coffee and coffee related services to the high-quality focused Scandinavian market.”

As of press time, details of the sale were not provided. For more information, visit Neumann Kaffee Gruppe’s official website.

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