It’s a good time to be a European microroaster, if you’ve got the time, money and passions. Meet Nordic Approach , founded by Morten Wennersgaard (Solberg & Hansen) and Tim Wendelboe (Tim Wendelboe), the world’s newest importer focused on “Sustainable, Traceable Green Coffee Sourcing”, ready to supply beans to the finest roasters across Europe.. Read more about them on their site, but here’s a taste at what’s coming first from NA:

In the coming months, Morten will be in East Africa from August to December covering Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia. Tim will spend time in Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia.ย We will both be back in Africa first quarter of 2012 as well as going to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras in Central America during the 2012 harvest.

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We can offer โ€œback to backโ€ FOB from Kenya and Ethiopia as well as Brazil, Colombia within the next 6 months and onwards. ย We also expect to start with a few exclusive spot offerings first quarter of 2012.

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