Whoa! Roll on, ye build-outs, roll on. This is the 7th installment in our 2013 edition of Build-Outs of Summer – read all past Build-Outs here – and this particular feature works to kill two birds with one stone. We’ve been way derelict in recent months when it comes to reporting and covering the booming Denver specialty coffee scene. New shops galore, an influx of seasoned talent (especially the arrival of 2012 Brewers Cup champion Andy Sprenger), and cool eventsย with a national following…Denver is clearly a very interesting, relatively new market for specialty coffee. For in-depth regional coverage on the scene, we highly recommend checking out Denver Coffee Review, a solid (and anonymous) blog that covers all things Denver coffee with updates monthly.

One of the leaders there in Denver is Novo Coffee, whose first retail space “finally opened” last Mayย in downtown Denver, closely followed by a second space located at 1700 East 6th Ave. Two spaces opened just a few months apart? This defies all rules of logic and reason…kind of like building a giant city in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.

As told to Sprudge by Erich Rosenberg.

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Can you tell us a bit about your new space?

We moved into a space formerly occupied by a pretty cool antique shop that was around for awhile. We are excited for the energy the space has. The shop features wood floors, a few brick walls, a community table, soft seating, and a huge garage door so we can enjoy the 300 days of sunshine Colorado is known for. It is right in the thick of an awesome neighborhood, and sits on 6th Avenue, a busy traffic corridor. This is our Downtown version of the shop, which we opened two months ago.

What’s your approach to serving coffee?

We love coffee! We will serving two espresso profiles on the regular, as well as 3-4 single-orgin brew options that will be available on whatever method you are feeling that day. We will also be batch brewing on a Fetco if you are on the move. We are currently developing a kegged cold-brew program, (possibly aging some in a wine barrel?!), pretty excited to see what happens with that. We also will have Ritual Chocolate on tap, for drinking–and to be used in hot chocolates and mochas.

Custom Slayer ()
Custom Slayer ()

Any machines, coffees, special equipment lined up?

Stoked to play around on our new Slayer. We will have a fun array of other equipment to play with too. Siphons, pour-overs, presses….oh my. We are also hoping to serve beer and wine down the line. We have worked with New Belgium, Renegade Brewery, and Our Mutual Friend.

What’s your hopeful target opening month?

Last December! But seriously, we hope to be open by mid August.

What’s the address?

1700 East 6th Ave. Denver, Colorado.ย It is a good block with some great tenants.

For more information, check outย, follow them Novo on Facebook, and interface with them via Twitter @NovoCoffee and @NovoCoffeeBars.

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