There’s a new post up today on Birds of Unusual Vitality, specialty coffee’s premiere photo and interview publication written by Sprudge.com’s Melbourne staff writer Eileen P. Kenny. In it, Ms. Kenny interviews reigning World Brewers Cup Champion Erin McCarthy, a machine technician at Counter Culture Coffee‘s New York City office.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview, in which Mr. McCarthy details the many things he loves about the specialty coffee industry:

 Over the years, what’s kept McCarthy in coffee is the diversity of the industry, and how fulfilling it’s been socially, intellectually, and academically. As he puts it, “I love how multidisciplinary it is, and the focus on forming relationships from grower to roaster to brew to consumer… that’s just really rad, and makes it a far reaching industry to be a part of.”

“I’ve stayed because I’m passionate about coffee, and it’s an industry where I can challenge myself in different roles. I’m someone who is constantly interested in about one hundred different things – and for me, coffee touches a lot of different areas.”

Read the full feature here on Birds of Unusual Vitality, and read more from Eileen P. Kenny right here on Sprudge, including recent features on speciality coffee in Sydney and Melbourne’s very cool coffee packaging design.

Top photo by Eileen P. Kenny.