Picture it. You wake up early in the morning from the sound of a loud blast, and then silence. Hours later, as silver ash falls from the sky, you turn on the television to find out what the sound was…but the cable is out. Just then, the entire electrical grid shuts down. It’s eerily quiet outside, except for a persistent hum from the distance. Was a bomb of some sort dropped? How will you reach your friends, your loved ones, if all of mankind’s communication resources have collapsed in one fell swoop? You’re tired, you’re confused, and all you need is a cup of coffee.

Thank goodness you followed the directions from the YouTube video above. You’ve got ninety-six cups of coffee vac-sealed and ready to brew.

The video, uploaded in December, gives a tutorial on proper long-term storage for dry goods, like instant coffee. The secret? Coleman’s Toe Warmers, which, when activated, act as oxygen absorbers in the vacuum-sealed mylar. Survivalist forums are filled with useful tidbits like this.

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Beyond simply drinking coffee during end times, the video suggests the coffee can be used for currency in the future. “If the day comes where we need something to barter, here is a tool in the toolbox,” says the narrator.

YouTube user ETprepper has 66 Doomsday preparation how-tos. The user’s most popular video, garnering 172,400 views, is how to successfully hide years worth of toilet paper in an inconspicuous cardboard tube.

With the package securely sealed and ready to store, ETprepper tells the camera, “Hopefully I’ll never have to use this in my lifetime and can inherit it to my kids. We shall see.”

We shall see.

Think you can do one better than Taster’s Choice in your Doomsday bunker? Sound off in the comments below!

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