Big frappés are happening within and around the Sprudge Media Network in 2016. We’re beefing up our daily coffee news coverage with newly appointed Texas-based news editor Zac Cadwalader over at the Sprudge Wire. We’re slicing our fruits and plugging our augers for what will be the juiciest year ever for our coffee competition coverage over at Sprudge Live. We’re loading up the decks and taping weekly podcasts in our Portland bug bunker on our freshly launched Coffee Sprudgecast.

And now we’re launching Sprudge Letter, our weekly e-newsletterWe took a night class on e-newsletters and aced the test, and  we wish to fill your inbox with coffee news, coffee tips, and secret surprises.

Just look at how the first issue of our e-newsletter looks:

advert new rules of coffee now available



Isn’t it lovely?

Are you ready to receive weekly dispatches from our worldwide team of coffee news gatherers? Can you conceive of the amount of cat gifs we’re capable of plopping into our compose screen? Have you ever dreamed of the day Sprudge would beep bop boop your iWatch and alert you of the latest, frothiest, heart-warmingiest original coffee journalism this world has ever seen via e-mail?


Well, friend, you’re in luck. By tippy tapping your fingers upon the keys of your board into this little form herein, you’ll be entering yourself into a weekly sweepstakes where the grand prize is an e-mail from us and everybody wins!

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.08.36 PM

Afraid of old Sprudge handling your e-mails? Fret not, mon frère, we won’t sell your information to the highest bidder, we won’t Zuckerberg your IP address and bake your motherboard with cookies unmerciful. By placing your e-mail in our clammy hands you can rest good and easy knowing that your junior high school era Hotmail account is safe with us. We won’t tell nobody nothing about nobody because your secret’s safe with Sprudge. 

Are you ready to join us in our quest to spam your inbox? Join now!

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