George Howell photo by Miller Mobley for “Back to the Grind”

Boston Magazine has an epic profile of George Howell in their December issue, and it is definitely well-worth your 5 pages of reading time. The article is a revealing look at the past, present and future of Mr. Howell, a Boston idol and high priest of the bean…

At various times, Howell has been called an “idol,” a “god,” and the “high priest” of the coffee bean. “George has this almost mystical obsession with coffee flavor,” says Peter Giuliano of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. “It’s totally inspiring to coffee people. He has a transcendent passion about coffee, and a quasi-religious zeal.”

Howell’s next move? A flagship cafe for his Terroir Select Coffees:

Howell is determined to put the coffee back at the forefront of the coffee shop, starting with a new flagship café here in Boston that will elevate the drink to its rightful place next to wine. He envisions regular tastings and cuppings, formal lessons in the flavor profiles of beans from the different regions of the planet, and, in general, a daily celebration of all things coffee. His aim is to make the drinking of your morning brew a “30-minute pleasure trip.”

“The Frappuccino,” George Howell says, “wasn’t my life goal.”

Read the whole thing here via Boston Magazine! Consider it your own long form magazine journalism 30 minute pleasure trip…