This coming Friday, December 7th, Londoners would do well to check out an innovative exhibition event at Protein by DunneFrankowski (18 Hewett Street, Shoreditch). Here’s more on this Friday’s event from the duo:

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This show shall celebrate a year in the life of our tiny coffee bar based in Shoreditch at 18 Hewett Street. Over the past year we have tasted up to 300 different coffees, what started out as an OCD idea to collect every single coffee bag consumed in order to creative a visual map of the coffee belt has escalated into so much more. Coupled with the information provided by our coffee counting visualisation, we have created endless fun facts regarding our coffee consumption trends. From the total volume of coffees made, milk used, caffeine extracted and even distance travelled in the serving of these beverages. We have asked our artistic friends and associates to visualise this information in a fun abstract poster format which will be presented for your eyes only.

A special thanks to Bruno Vincent for all his amazing efforts, support, ideas, friendship and finally the curation of this event.

There’s some remarkable artists being featured at the gallery, including Designgoat (Dublin), Luke Insect (London), Ben Blake (Bologna, Italy), Signalnoise, Shane Kenna, and many more. Learn more about the event and DunneFrankowski’s many activities in the London area by visiting this charming Tumblr infoportal.

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