New Orleans style or Kyoto style? Lost in that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is this feature from NBC Bay Area blogger Sajid Farooq – Blue Bottle Coffee is now selling cold-brewed coffee to go. (Just don’t call it Cold Brew™.)

Although Freeman blanches at the thought of (roasted) coffee sitting for too long, this bottled coffee is flash pasteurized for extended shelf life. It’s currently being served at Blue Bottle’s roastery in Oakland and Ferry Building location in San Francisco, and could be coming to a store near you, according to Mr. Farooq:

“The strong and black Kyoto flavor and the velvety and sweet New Orleans styled ice coffees will be sold on a trial basis and if the sales go well, production will be ramped up and served at other locals [sic].”

Say what you want about bottled coffee milk, but “Kyoto flavor”? That clever branding dog will target-market hunt.