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The 2008 United States Barista Champion Kyle Glanville and his former Intelligentsia Coffee colleague, seasoned USBC competitor Charles Babinski, have opened the doors to their new pop-up Los Angeles cafe G&B. It’s located at 720 North Virgil Ave in Silverlake.

Glanville and Babinski have partnered with Jessica Koslow at SQIRL Confitures Kitchen, an experimental project from a company that has received high praise recently from Sunset Magazine and Bon Appetit. Together, their menu features espresso drinks and filtered coffee, along with foodstuffs like “Kukoho Rose Brown Rice” ($6-$7), and brioche toast with four different selections of SQIRL jam.

G&B Menu [Source: Tonx via Facebook]
More information from Eater LA:
Expect a variety of iced coffee and tea drinks that will be pre-mixed with the appropriate sweeteners or flavoring ingredients, accentuating each particular coffee bean. With Glanville’s green coffee buying experience, they’ll apply similar principles to roasted coffee, using samples from roasters across the U.S and potentially internationally, like Denmark’s Coffee Collective. The menu will have up to five coffees by the cup and a revolving single selection of espresso. Hours to run Thursday to Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. for at least five months, possibly even longer.
Kyle Glanville (left), Charles Babinski (top right), Jessica Koslow (bottom right). [Source: Tonx via Facebook]
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