Following up on our Left Coast Roast coverage from August, the book’s author, Hanna Neuschwander, will be hosting a “reading” and Coffee 101 demo next week in San Francisco. This event kicks off at 6pm on Monday, October 15th, and is being hosted at the Coffee Bar SF location in Potrero Hill (1890 Bryant Street).

Sprudge spoke briefly about the event with Hanna Neuschwander, who had hinted to us the possibility for these “book tour” style events during our interview with her a few months back. As per Ms. Neuschwander, San Francisco event attendees can expect a discussion on “where coffee comes from, why it’s so good these days (or can be), how to make it at home – even how to try roasting.”

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Check out a poster for the event below, and if you’re behind the curve, you can pick up your very own copy of Left Coast Roast right here. While you’re at it, take a second to learn more about LCR’s publisher, Timber Press, creators of truly beautiful printed works.


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